How it works

How much time do you normally spend on looking for good freelancers to work with? and when you find them, how much precious time you spend on explaining your guidelines, checking their work, forwarding their payments, and so on?

Don't you wish that someone else was taking care of all these things for you?

You submit a request for a Service

An easy-to-use form for each service we've created simple order forms that will make it easier for you to order any kind of service - just fill in the fields & you're set to go

Servula is processing your work

Provide you with the best person for the job our highly advanced ranking system, helps us in choosing the freelance who scores the highest in skills, experience and previous customer satisfaction, so you know you're getting the best person for the job.

Servula certified freelance starts working on your order

Focusing on your needs Servula certified freelancer receives your job description notes and starts working on your order

Servula examines freelancer's work for you

High Quality Assurance After your order has been handled by our certified freelancer, each order is carefully examined in order to make sure all of our guidelines and requirements are checked.

You get detailed order report

Tracking with ease Servula's tracking system is designed with your needs in mind: Interact with all your orders in one place, view work progress, comment and approve your order in just few clicks.

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