Announcing a new partnership: now you can order our services directly from ZEFO

By: | November 6th, 2013

We are happy to announce our latest partnership with ZEFO – one of the leading SEO software companies in Israel.

ZEFO’s customers will be able to order Servula’s services directly from ZEFO’s platform and save a lot of time by doing so. Both companies worked hard days and nights during the past 6 months to make this amazing integration happen.

So what is ZEFO and why this partnership is so exciting?

For those of you who didn’t hear yet, ZEFO is a platform that every SEO optimizer should be familiar with from their very first day in the industry. ZEFO combines all your reports and insights into one easy-to-use interface, providing reports about organic rankings, competitors, keyword researches and much more.

You can also connect your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools accounts to import all your data from these tools as well.

Besides reports, the platform also offers various time saving tools: link management, task management, alerts and more.

In Israel working with ZEFO is a baseline for every SEO that wishes to take their work to a professional level. Since we’re also considered as a leading standard in our field (content marketing services), it led us to partner with ZEFO and offer their audience our services as well.

This integration will make ZEFO into a comprehensive SEO platform that provides you with recommendations on one hand, and a way to implement those recommendations on the other (by using our services). In other words – this platform provides a solution to any needs SEOs have.

How will this integration appear?

As you can see in ZEFO’s dashboard, there is a new tab titled “order services” which includes:

  • Information about orders: how many orders are in process, how many were completed and how many are waiting for customer approval (keep reading, this will be explained further ahead).
  • Credit balance: remaining credits in balance (1 credit = ~2$).
  • Quick links to services: each service includes an order page and an info/examples page. All services are organized in 3 groups – SEO, content and social media (just as like they appear in our services page).

services tab zefo

Getting started

To start ordering various services directly from ZEFO’s website, you’ll be required to connect with us first. When you click on the “order services” tab for the first time, you will get a page with a connection button.

Clicking on this button will take you to our website to login if you already have an account or to register if not. After approving the connection, everything is set and your Servula account is now connected to your ZEFO account. This procedure only needs to be done once and the option to disconnect is always available.

To order a specific service, simply click on the relevant service from the sidebar or the main services lobby page. Each service has its own information page with relevant examples, an explanation about the process and a simple form which looks like this:

service order zefo

After completing an order, you can always track its status through the “orders in process” tab in the main lobby page. For each order, all information is available – date, cost, user, language and of course status.

orders list

Important note: each service has its own delivery time which depends on the quantity of the service (for example, in case of articles, it’ll depend on the number of words). The delivery time is updated “on the fly“ at the bottom of each service page while typing.

How to work with credits?

The credit system at ZEFO’s operates exactly like on our website.

We use credit as a virtual currency in order to trade our services (1 credit = ~2$). Each service priced both in regular currency (NIS/USD) and credits. The customer might pay for a service in one of the following ways:

  1. Paying right after filling the order form (in each order).
  2. Purchasing a credit plan with which it’s possible to order services (paying only once).

Besides saving precious time, credits have an additional advantage – discounts. Each credits plan includes extra credits for free (depending on the size of the plan).

In order to buy credits click on the following link on the sidebar:

buy credits

So what are you waiting for? Go to and stat enjoy our services there as well.

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