Do All Types of Companies Need SEO?

By: | November 14th, 2012
Does my-business need seo

Does my-business need seoOptimizing your website for Google search is no doubt time consuming, but many companies are happy to get the resources in place to make it happen. SEO is an important aspect of online marketing (a very important aspect) because it can really help bring traffic to your website and give you a better chance that people will convert. Consumers are using the Internet to find new places to go, and SEO is one of the biggest ways to make sure that people are finding your company.

However, SEO isn’t always successful—it takes a huge amount of research and often involves a great deal of money. This then begs the question: Is SEO necessary for every type of company, or are some better off putting the money elsewhere?

When Companies Don’t Need SEO?

Now many SEO experts are probably going to immediately say that every company needs SEO, but I don’t believe this is always true. There are really two different things to consider before jumping into the long SEO campaign:

1. A company should only invest in SEO if it is going to make them more money than cost them in the long run, so determine how many are searching for your company.

Determine how many people are searching for your site and then determine how many will actually convert. You can do this by using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Simply type in a keyword you think people would use to search for your company, and check out the competition. Determine how many times that keyword or keyword phrase is searched per month à how many of those clicks the number one spot gets à determine what about 5 percent of this number is to see how many actually convert à determine how much each conversion is worth at your company à and finally determine how much profit this would give you and whether or not an SEO campaign would cost you more. It sounds complicated, but once you get started you will see that the logic really does make quite a bit of sense.

2. If you’re a local or niche company or entrepreneur, SEO isn’t as necessary for you.

Whenever a consume types something into Google, local results come up. This means that you don’t really have as much competition, and people probably won’t even get past the local listings. If you’re local, you’re usually going to be on top with or without SEO. Aaron Wall of SEOBook explained that this is more so the case for one-keyword type companies. If you’re a local business but there are many different aspects to your business (and therefore many different search queries), SEO is probably worth the effort.

3. If you own a company where people don’t search in search engines.

People don’t always use a search engine to search for every type of business. For example, if you own a grocery store, it might make more sense to invest in traditional media like TV commercials or newspaper ads. After all, people don’t generally search online for things like “milk” or “cheese.”

4. If your company really only needs to rank for its unique brand name.

This is most commonly the case for museums, attractions, and other companies that are well known. For example, a place like Disney World really only gets traffic from those who typed in that specific brand name (or variations such as “Disney World attractions”). Something like this would not have to rank for generic keywords such as “attractions in Florida” because there will be many more relevant results. In this case, it’s better for them to invest in ads in local portals, travel search engines, and even newspapers.

Why Most Companies Need SEO?

If you don’t seem to fall into either of these categories, you’re probably in need of some sort of SEO strategy. In this case, please read our post about questions that you should and should not be asking yourself about SEO.

The majority of companies do need SEO, so if you find that this is something that will help you then embrace it! SEO is an exciting new industry, and it doesn’t have to be complicated (especially if you seek the help of an SEO agency).

Have you discovered that your company might not need SEO? What helped you make that decision? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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