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  • We used Servula to create content for our blog. The service is easy to use and very fast. It allows our marketing team to focus on core marketing activities. Recommended!
    Yaron Kaufman
  • Servula has come out with a great new service that helps us outsource and automate many labor and time-intensive tasks. The content & SEO services are delivered quickly, accurately and at a high level of quality, service & attention to detail.
    Lior Haner
  • Finding good freelancers takes a long time and involves checking them prior to starting to work with them, training them, and ultimately checking the quality of the work they provide. Servula has solved this problem for me by providing a variety of services in one place, but more importantly - it gives its warranty for the quality of the services, thus saving me precious time. I have received top quality services from Servula and I recommend them highly
    Maytal Aharon-Nov
  • Fast, high-quality and professional service. It saves time, they already know what works and what doesn't and the best way to operate - giving me the most professional and up-to-date service
    Rotem Amar
  • In the last few months we have been in the process of promoting our company's websites and Servula's services have been helping us a great deal. Thanks to Servula we can focus on our promotion strategy and take care of the important matters instead of having to deal with all the difficult little details. The services we received from Servula were of the highest quality.
    Tomer Vikinsky
  • We have been working with Servula closely for the past several months. As a company that works primarily on large projects, we need to be able to focus on delivering the best strategic value for our clients. Servula's services help us put aside most of the "rough work" of the business and make time for higher-level tasks. It also saves the leg work of contacting and paying for multiple services - with Servula we get it all in one place.
    Yuli Desiatnikov
    McCann Erickson
  • Servula is like a breath of fresh air in our area. Servula's staff is very professional, patient, quick and most importantly, reliable. My company resides in the U.S., and one of the most important things my customers emphasize is that the content be written at a high level and by someone local - not just someone who knows English well. The great advantage of Servula is that it is a one stop shop for SEO companies, offering a variety of services at a variety of levels.
    Ben Oren
  • Servula has really taken the load off our internal team and allowed us to focus on more critical aspects of our work. We receive a courteous, professional service which we fully trust and has proved to be invaluable to us, not only saving time but also lowering total cost per project. We highly recommend Servula's SEO services and can easily vouch for their quality.
    Roie Speiser
  • "After changing many content writers, I was lucky to find Servula. Servula are true professionals, and they are the only long-term solution for our requirements. I save me a lot of time and money by using their services, and I plan on sticking to them in the future. They earned my sincere recommendation. "
    Tal Gabizon

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